A Quick Guide To Hotel, Cafe and Restaurants Cold Storage Options

The best cold storage options can vary heavily depending on your business and what you need cold storage for. Important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right fridge, freezer, or full-on walk-in coolroom for your business are: what do you need to store, how much do you need to store, and how long do you need to keep your products cool or frozen.

A business manager must also consider other factors, like if the workplace has the space it needs for large cold storage, what storage is affordable and which type of refrigeration equipment will be the perfect balance between cost and energy effectiveness, while still being powerful and reliable for maintaining cold temperatures. The following are some considerations and options for which types of cold storage equipment might be the best choice for a hotel cafe or restaurant’s cold storage needs. 

The Best Refrigeration For My Business:

The best refrigeration for your business doesn’t just refer to the best cold storage options for a hotel or cafe, but also the best refrigeration technology for that workplace’s needs. The general catering industry requires cold storage options that are non-toxic and will not affect or add any substances that make food and other goods unsafe for consumption. While glycol refrigeration systems are a cost and energy-efficient form of cold storage, not all types of glycol are safe to keep near food and consumables. 

No matter what business the cold storage system will be used for, all industries should be sure to consult an experienced professional, to check the unit will fit into wherever it’s placed, and to keep an eye on power consumption once the cold storage is active. 

Best Cold Storage For Restaurants:

The best cold storage for restaurants depends on the size of the restaurant and the average amount of customers the business serves during working hours, but generally, walk-in cold rooms and freezer rooms are the best choice for a restaurant’s cold storage needs, as this business will need to ensure all their produce follow food health and safety procedures, and a restaurant will have a large quantity of produce to store. Food poisoning is simply something that a restaurant can’t afford. Walk-in coolrooms will also reduce a restaurant’s food waste, keeping one of the business’s most vital supplies safely fresh and healthy for as long as possible. 

Even with a large walk-in freezer room, a restaurant should ensure that product and food items are stored correctly to ensure a well-run kitchen, and that all stored food is used so nothing is wasted. The FIFO rule, (First In, First Out) is a good way of ensuring that the produce that has been stored the longest will be consumed before it has been stored for too long. To find and install the best walk-in coolroom for your restaurant, a professional’s services should be sought. 

Best Cold Storage For Cafes:

The best cold storage options for cafes are commercial fridges and freezers that can be snugly placed where the equipment will be needed around the workplace, such as industrial freezers for the staff and commercial glass door fridges for customers. Cafes also have the option of cold storage that displays goods aesthetically and openly, such as curved door display fridges or bar fridges. For staff, cosy and specialised equipment like salad benches or a saladette fridge can accommodate all cooling needs while still comfortably fitting into the cafe’s space and aesthetic.

A cafe’s cold storage needs are likely to be similar to a small restaurant if that cafe offers catering services like breakfasts and general meals, however a cafe may not have the space and the funding to buy and maintain large walk-in coolrooms or freezers, so smaller and more portable equipment may have to suffice. 

Best Cold Storage for Hotels:

The best cold storage options for hotels are commercial display fridges and freezers for the lobby and guest rooms, and walk-in cold storage spaces so that room service staff and any attached restaurants have a reliable and health standard compliant coolroom or freezer to store all the produce that they will need. 

A hotel’s cold storage needs are often a combination of both a cafe and a restaurant but on a much larger scale. A hotel will need reliable and energy-efficient temperature control for catering services,  while remaining extremely cautious about proper storage and avoiding food poisoning. The same caution must be used for anything sold in a lobbies display fridge.